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The Sigmoid Curve is the tool developed by Charles Handy (from Clane, studied in Trinity College Dublin*) to measure transition. The S-shaped curve lying on its side can be used to describe the rise and fall of life’s many cycles, both macro and micro. According to Handy it could be employed to chart the rise and fall of an Empire, a product, a corporation, or, a relationship between two lovers; the possibilities are endless (1995).

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Frank not only transformed my CV but gave me the skills necessary to write cover letters and prepare interview questions true to both my background and my future aspirations. Frank took the time to discover who I am as an Engineer and what it is about the work and industry that excites me. He also managed to coach and prepare me in such a way that this mix of personality, skills and experience came through both on paper and in my interview with Intel Ireland where I am now delighted to be working. Maria Carley Intel Ireland

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3 months from now you could be…

  • In a career that is a natural expression of your talents and personality
  • Enjoying work because it doesn’t feel like work
  • Earning money for doing what you do instinctively, with ease
  • In a role where you’re respected for your knowledge and talents
  • Making a contribution to something you really care about
  • Experiencing pride and satisfaction, not stress and regret
  • Satisfying your highest values and fulfiling your ambitions
  • Working with like-minded people
  • Feeling energized at the end of the day
  • Enjoying other life roles – parent, leisurite, citizen, and homemaker



Unhappy in your current role?

Lost your job?

Need a change?

Haven’t you earned a career that offers challenge and recognition, responsibility and advancement, achievement and personal growth?

This is what the ClearCareers process is all about. Working with Frank Torpey you’ll engage in a proven process of exploration and discovery leading to a clear career path.


The ClearCareers Program is designed for executives and professionals who wish to take their careers in a new direction.

Perhaps you’re looking for a whole new challenge professionally: whether you move laterally or in a new direction, you now want to do something that you enjoy.


Want to change direction?

What are your career options?

How transferable are your skills and                        knowledge?


Ready to join the minority; those who love their jobs?  

If you are a senior executive, are making a mid-career change, are a potential entrepreneur who would like to make an informed and evidence-based decision, ClearCareers can help.

Working for up to 50 years, 100,000+ hours or as much as 33% of our lives, we can yet spend more time considering a car purchase or our holiday than contemplating our careers and jobs. Is it any wonder that 58% of Irish people lose 8 hours per day in jobs that leave them feeling dissatisfied and empty…?

The ClearCareers Programme is proven and Guaranteed!

With total confidence in the ClearCareers programme we are the first in Ireland to offer a money-back guarantee. This is an all-consuming process which demands a strong commitment on both sides. We agree the aims and targets at the outset, we devise a plan and a fail-proof strategy to achieve this. It’s a no-nonsense approach tailored to your needs.

We’ll give you the guidance you need.