Frank is an inspirational career coach. His in-depth knowledge of his profession is coupled by clear and practical advice. An inventive motivator with a real gusto for seeing his clients succeed.

James Steele

Legal Selection Consultant at HRM Recruit


3 months from now you could be…:

  • In a career that is a natural expression of your talents and personality
  • Enjoying work because it doesn’t feel like work
  • Earning money for doing what you do instinctively, with ease
  • In a role where you’re respected for your knowledge and talents
  • Making a contribution to something you really care about
  • Experiencing pride and satisfaction, not stress and regret
  • Satisfying your highest values and fulfiling your ambitions
  • Working with like-minded people
  • Feeling energized at the end of the day
  • Enjoying other life roles – parent, leisurite, citizen, and homemaker


Ready to join the minority; those who love their jobs?  

If you are a senior executive, are making a mid-career change, are a potential entrepreneur who would like to make an informed and evidence-based decision, ClearCareers can help.

Working for up to 50 years, 100,000+ hours or as much as 33% of our lives, we can yet spend more time considering a car purchase or our holiday than contemplating our careers and jobs. Is it any wonder that 58% of Irish people lose 8 hours per day in jobs that leave them feeling dissatisfied and empty…?


The ClearCareers Program is designed for executives and professionals who wish to take their careers in a new direction.

Perhaps you’re looking for a whole new challenge professionally: whether you move laterally or in a new direction, you now want to do something that you enjoy.


Haven’t you earned a career that offers challenge and recognition, responsibility and advancement, achievement and personal growth?

This is what the ClearCareers process is all about. Working with Frank Torpey you’ll engage in a proven process of exploration and discovery leading to a clear career path.


The ClearCareers Programme is proven and Guaranteed!

With total confidence in the ClearCareers programme we are the first in Ireland to offer a money-back guarantee. This is an all-consuming process which demands a strong commitment on both sides. We agree the aims and targets at the outset, we devise a plan and a fail-proof strategy to achieve this. It’s a no-nonsense approach tailored to your needs.


Want to change direction? What are your career options? How transferable are your skills and knowledge?Unhappy in your current role? Lost your job? Need a change?We’ll give you the guidance you need.