Free Initial Consultation

When you contact Clear Careers we will schedule a phone conversation to discuss your current situation and how we can assist you in moving forward.

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One to One Career Consultation

Your career-exploration, one-to-one meeting is the centrepiece of the career-change process. The meeting usually takes two hours, but may go over that, so please allow time for that possibility.

Follow up to this meeting is usually via Skype, email and/or phone but can also be another face-to-face meeting if this is required.

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Winning CVs & Cover Letters

Composing an effective CV and cover letter requires a great deal of preparatory work and two-way communication. It is essential that you are fully involved in the process as your CV should be a living document with which you are very familiar while a Cover Letter needs to be adapted for any role for which you will apply in the future and thus requires similar input on both sides.

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Results Proven LinkedIn Profile

A proactive LinkedIn profile can be a very effective job-search tool in today’s market as recruiters, in particular executive recruiters, use it as a self-contained search tool.

But, recruiters do not search in the same manner as non recruiters: they instead use algorithms to fine tune the search process, thus eliminating all those that do not have the relevant information in their profile. Learn how to write a LinkedIn profile that works for you 24/7 – 365.

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Career Exploration Questionnaire

When you are satisfied that you wish to proceed we will forward a Career-exploration questionnaire and arrange options. The questionnaire is an in-depth document; you will have an appropriate amount of time to complete this prior to our meeting.

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Secrets of Successful Interviewing

CVs and Cover Letters have one purpose:  to get you an interview. The next step in the process is to prepare you for an effective interview. To do this properly we ask you to present a job advertisement and a job description.

From this we devise a list of potential questions. We ask you to prepare 5-10 line answers to these questions and we then fine tune these answers to ensure cogent responses and maximum performance.

Are you nervous about doing interviews? This meticulous preparation will alleviate your excess nerves and make it a manageable task.

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Discover a Network Strategy that’s Right for You

Is networking necessary? Networking is not only necessary but it is by far the most powerful method of finding a job that suits your requirements.

  • Do people really engage in networking? Yes.
  • Is there a right way and a wrong way to network? Yes.
  • Is it something one can learn? Yes.

Learn how to network effectively and with ease, in a way that suits your personality and style.

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Reveal the Best Path with Psychometric Inventories

Psychometric inventories can benefit the process of career advancement and change in certain circumstances. Psychometric inventories are also known as psychometric tests, IQ/ability tests, aptitude test, personality inventories/tests, interest inventories/tests, etc.

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